Raymi the Minx Visits Move Up Realty To Consult on Social Media Strategies Targeting Gen X Homebuyers

A big part of selling real estate in Toronto is appealing to the lifestyle choices of younger Canadians, and this is especially true with condominiums where so much of the curb appeal depends on the amenities provided in the building and in the immediate vicinity. Condo culture is really dependent on the community around the property, and with this in mind we try to tailor our media to a certain demographic of home shopper who may be surfing for a better lifestyle, not just a home.


IMG_0055On Aug 19th, 2015 Raymi the Minx visited Move Up Realty. This veteran power blogger and social media diva drove up to our offices here in North York to discuss social media platforms and SEO link building strategies for our friendly real estate brokerage in Toronto.

Raymi Helped Find Our Social Media Strategy

A factor in condo living is the idea of building wealth by buying and selling the property, and a big part of the social media strategy suggested by Raymi was to appeal to the FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out that many thirty something to forty year old people feel when they encounter media related to wealth made by flipping property; especially pertinent is the idea of buying condos on paper and selling them when they are completed. ‘If more people knew how easily this was accomplished, our profits wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular‘, is an even more powerful notion to be planted in the minds of readers and social media surfers who encounter our feeds at various times of day and in both regular and promoted posts.

The following piece of media was created and used by Raymi in her blog, and this is an interesting inside look at the inner workings of the real estate office – it includes noth good and bad pictures of the brokers and is an honest representation of her time at our office.

Raymi arrived at exactly 10 am sharp, in time for morning coffee, and she was able to meet Slava and Jay for the first time in the kitchen, which is an office setting in which these team leaders are both very comfortable.

IMG_0069IMG_0071So in essence the ‘social media’ meeting started right there with Slava making espressos, and then we went into the boardroom which Raymi remarked on as being a very social way to start a social media strategy meeting.

Raymi liked our style and she told us so a few times – she loved our old magazine covers, and included some of the art hanging on the wall in our boardroom in her own media making activities that day. She tweeted quite a few times during our meeting – it all happened simultaneously.


For the next two hours Raymi dispatched an intense download as she gave us insights into what it takes to engender more followers and subscribers using 2015 social media marketing tactics and incentives. She reminded us that there are millions of Canadians out there, and we are publishing our expert thoughts and ideas to appeal to less than one percent or one percent – the precious few who are interested in buying property in and around Toronto. These folks need to be better targeted, measured and generally persuaded to follow MoveUpRealty on Twitter, and find MoveUpRealty on Instagram, and like MoveUpRealty’s Facebook page.  But they won’t do this without a good reason, and together we all brainstormed the who, what, where, why and how we can attract a wider audience.

Promote our Resource and Tools

unnamedWe have lots of nifty things on our site that Raymi advised we try and promote as online attractions. For example, we have an Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator which is a kind of a rare mechanism compare to the Mortgage Calculator and its little brother the Mortgage Insurance Calculator which are more commonly seen on many real estate broker sites. The site also has dozens of articles about all manner of things, including the merits of condo living over home ownership etc which was just discussed in a previous blog post.

After the meeting we went out for lunch. Raymi is welcome back anytime.


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